Unsigned Advice

Before you get started, here are a few things to consider before you start applying…

Can you play those dates?

It seems pretty obvious, but it’s probably the most important question! It will definitely save a lot of hassle knowing if you are actually available to play that particular date

Consider travel & costs.

How are you going to get there? If a festival is quite far away then you definitely need to consider travel costs. If you’re offered a slot, amazing, but what’s the point if you can’t get there? Most festivals will not grant you travel allowances and will pay fees after the event itself so plan ahead.

Will your music suit this festival?

Be realistic and don’t waste your time or theirs by applying to a festival you’re music isn’t appropriate for.

Demonstrate your best achievements.

Show off your best achievements to date – maybe you’ve supported a well-known band, you’ve had radio play or even been given a fantastic review. Showing a good history live performances will also demonstrate that you are confident in being able to deliver in a live setting.

Make yourself easy to find

When you apply, make sure to include all relevant links to your website, social media, artist profiles (for example, your Spotify artist page). Make sure everything is up to date with current promos, the latest info on your releases and/or live shows so the festival can get the best picture of where you’re at.

Best of luck in your applications!

February festivals

Jai Thep Festival, Thailand – Apply here


March festivals

Bali Spirit Festival, Bali – Apply here


April festivals

Westway Labs, Portugal – Apply here
Launch Music Festival, USA – Apply here
Are You Listening?, Reading – Apply here (closes 16 February)


May festivals

Liverpool Sound City – Apply here (closes 17 January)
The Great Escape, Brighton – Apply here (closes 11 February)
Live at Leeds, Leeds – Apply here
Hanwell Hootie, London – Apply here
Strawberry, USA – Apply here (closes mid-February)
Mello, Worchestershire – Apply here
Elderflower Fields, East Sussex & Leicestershire – Apply here
Leestock, Suffolk – Apply here
Dot to Dot, Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham – email dottodotfestival@dhpgroup.co.uk with the city you want to play, a link to your music, bio and a brief summary of previous performances.
Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham – Apply here
YouBloom, Dublin – Apply here
Common People, Oxford – Apply here
Common People, Southampton – Apply here
Seachange Festival, Devon – Apply here (emerging talent competition expected in late January 2020)


June festivals

Glastonbury Festival, Somerset – Apply here (opens 27 January, closes 3 February)
Tipping Point, Newcastle – Apply here
Long Division, Wakefield – Apply here
Camden Rocks, London – Apply here
Sweden Rock, Sweden – Apply here
Eden Festival, Moffat, Scotland – Apply here
Omaha Summer Arts Festival, USA – Apply here (closes 15 January)
Tiny Lights Festival, Canada – Apply here (closes 15 February)
Peak Music Festival, Australia – Apply here (closes 20 January)
Blue Ox Music Festival, USA – Apply here
Isle of White Festival, Isle of White – apply here (New Blood competition)
Beacon Festival, Watlington – Apply here
Sea Session, Donegal – Apply here
Secret Solstice, Iceland – Apply here (closes 6 March)
Leigh Folk Festival, Essex – Apply here (announcement coming soon)
Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland – Apply here (closes 15 February)
NXNE, Canada – Apply here (scroll down to Artist FAQs)
Black Deer Festival, Kent – Apply here (closes 2 March)


July festivals

EskFest, Cumbria – Apply here (scroll for details)
Nibley, Cotswolds – Apply here
Not a Cult Festival, Worcestershire – Apply here
Eldorado, Herefordshire – Apply here
Techfest, Nottinghamshire – Apply here
Ipswich Music Day – Apply here
Nass Festival, Somerset – Apply here (closes 11 March)
Beat-Herder, Lancashire – Apply here
Brainchild Festival, East Sussex – Apply here
Ashford Festival in the Park, Kent – Apply here
Daxonbury Festival, North Bedfordshire – Apply here
Shankra Festival, Switzerland – Apply here
Nozstock, Herefordshire – Apply here (closes 31 March)
Splendour Festival, Nottingham – Email info@splendourfestival.com
Camp Bestival, Dorset – Submit demo to music@bestival.net.
Kendal Calling, Lake District – Apply here (coming soon, check link)
Y Not? Festival, Derbyshire – Apply here (coming soon, check link)
Standon Calling, Hertfordshire – Apply here (coming soon, check link)
Barn On The Farm, Gloucester – Apply here
Tiree Music Festival, Inner Hebrides – Apply here
Larmer Tree, Wiltshire – Email music@larmertreefestival.co.uk


August festivals

Off Festival, Poland – Apply here
Bayimba International Festival, Uganda – Apply here (closes 30 April)
Humber Street Shesh, Hull – Apply here
110 Above, Leicestershire – Apply here (scroll down)
Valley Fest, Bristol – Apply here
Landed Festival, Wales – Email applications@landedfestival.co.uk
Boomtown, Hampshire – Apply here
Beyond the Woods, Lincolnshire – Apply here (coming soon, check link)
Farmer Phil’s Music Festival, Shrewsbury – Apply here
Arctangent, Bristol – Apply here (scroll down)
Green Man, Brecon – Apply here (Green Man Rising opens soon, check link)
Beautiful Days, Devon – Apply here (opens soon, check link)
Weyfest, Surrey – Apply here
Victorious, Portsmouth – Apply here (closes 31 March)
Phoenix Festival, Cotswolds – Apply here (opens soon, check link)
Lindisfarne, Northumberland – Email artists@lindisfarnefestival.com
Barn of the Farm, Gloucester – Apply here
Vegan Campout, Nottinghamshire – Email vcomusicians@hotmail.com
Sundown, Norwich – Apply here (opens soon, check link)
Cambridge Folk Festival, Cambridge – Apply here (opens soon, check link)
Bloodstock Festival, Walton-on-Trent – Apply here (scroll down to contact Victoria Hungerford)
Bestival, Dorset – Email music@bestival.net
Off The Tracks Festival, Leicestershire – Apply here (scroll down)
Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival, Colne – Email paddy@bluesfestival.co.uk


September festivals

End of the Road, Dorset – Apply here
Live at Heart, Sweden – Apply here (closes 1 May)
Hopscotch, USA – Apply here
Music Matters, Singapore – Apply here (closes 31 March)
Illusive Festival, Northamptonshire – Apply here
Worcester Music Festival – Apply here (opens soon, check link)
Reeperbahn Festival, Germany – Apply here (closes 17 July)
Equinox Festival, Lincolnshire – Apply here
Waves Vienna, Austria – Apply here (closes 15 June)
Euroblast, Germany – Apply here
Moseley Folk Festival, Birmingham – Apply here


November festivals

Iceland Airwaves, Iceland – Apply here (opens soon, check link)