Request a refund up to 48 Hours prior to your start date.

If you have paid for your campaign, but it has not launched yet, you can request a refund up to 48 hours before your campaign start date.

1) Email with Subject Line: “REFUND REQUEST – ENTER ARTIST NAME” and include the following:

  • Artist Name and Song Name
  • Payment Method (dedit card or Paypal)

2) We will respond within one business day to confirm your refund.


Refunds cannot be issued once a campaign has launched.

Refunds cannot be issued at this point because your song is sent out to curators for review on your campaign start date. Once it is sent, we are required to payout each curator that reviews and this process cannot be reversed.

Similarly, once your campaign has launched, you cannot change your song. Changing the song would require sending out a new campaign.

Please note, if your campaign is still running, please wait for the campaign to finish before judging its overall performance. Curators can add your songs to their playlists until the final day of your campaign, so you won’t see the final results until then