Here are some of the top factors that will influence how many streams a campaign will generate:

Factors you (the artist) control:

  • The number of genres and playlists targeted
  • The strength/quality of the song
  • Selecting genres that align well with your song, we’ve provided two options to help, if you need more, just ask.

Once your song is added to a playlist, the number of streams will be influenced by the playlist curator and the activity of their listeners.

Factors controlled by the curators and their listeners:

  • Which position you are placed on their playlist
  • The duration that your song is kept on their playlist
  • The activity level of their playlist followers

Why the number of playlist followers will not be equal to the same number of streams you receive:

It’s unrealistic to expect 50,000 listeners from a playlist with 50,000 followers. Please bear in mind that on average playlists have an active listeners ratio of around 10%.

For example, If you’re added to a playlist with 50,000 followers, and its followers are 10% active, this playlist will have around 5,000 active listeners per month.