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Things to look out for when hiring a Spotify Playlist Plugger!

In the 21st Century, you need Spotify playlist promotion and other playlist promotion to help propel your music career forward. However, it’s a tough world out there, full of cowboys and so, as an aid to you, we’ve tried our best to compile some questions and things to look out for when hiring a Spotify Playlist Plugger.

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Is your Spotify Playlist Plugger human? 

The first question you want to ask yourself is, am I interacting with a real human when you reach out to a potential Spotify playlist promotion company.

If the company you’re looking into is an automated service, steer clear. Legit playlist Spotify playlist pluggers base their networks on real relationships with playlist owners and more importantly, the artists they promote!

Is the playlist engagement organic?

Unfortunately, some Spotify playlist plugger services use bots to manipulate both follower counts and the number of plays on a track. So how can you know the plays a company helps an artist generate are organic?

Simple, look at the monthly listener count. If a monthly listener count is rising then the streams you’re seeing are organic and the listeners are real. It’s also good to take a look at the location of your audience if it’s the same 5 cities, usually, this indicates bots but if it’s spread out across 80 countries or cities across the world, this is a much better indication.

Is the Spotify Plugger giving you streaming guarantees?

A Spotify plugger who gives you any guarantees on stream count is wrong, it’s absolutely impossible for us to tell you how many streams you’ll receive when we have no idea which playlist curators will actually like your track, let alone where they’ll place you. Yes, you want to find a Spotify playlist promotion company that has a great track record, but, that doesn’t guarantee you a certain amount of plays. There are many cowboy services out there that will actually advertise on their site that you will receive a certain amount of plays. STAY AWAY. Real promotion depends on the discretion of the Spotify playlist curators and how well a track fits their playlist

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