Spotify is one of the most powerful music streaming services in the world, and it can define the success of an artist without any influence from record companies or radio stations.

Music streaming companies hire teams of curators to create playlists, and spend millions developing algorithms to boost certain artists based upon the preferred plays of listeners. These choices often push the popular artists forward, and leave the smaller, emerging artists lagging behind.

At Hey Honey, we offer a specialist Spotify plugging service, that gets your music heard by independent music curators who manage independent playlists on Spotify. Regardless of genre, your music (if accepted*) will be pitched and sent to worldwide curators for them to host on their playlists for 2 – 4 weeks. We’re on the UK’s only Spotify Pluggers with a successful record of helping over 400 artist within the UK alone.

We’ve found that once your popularity starts to rise due to your presence on these playlists, it triggers an algorithm to boost your music, and you therefore stand a better chance of being added onto the more popular, official playlists.

Some of our clients have gone on to achieve huge success due to their newfound popularity, ending up on Spotify official playlists such as ‘Feel Good Indie Rock’, ‘New Music Fridays’ and even ‘The Best of The Indie List 2017’. Obviously, we cannot guarantee that this will happen to all artists as we don’t have any official tie with Spotify.

*Please note that you may not be accepted, which can happen if our clients have too many tracks to listen to or your music is too vague for their playlists. You will not be charged for the initial pitch, which will confirm whether or not your music has been accepted.

Still unsure? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section here:

Spotify Playlisting Plans & Pricing

Please note: Basic & Medium packages are not genre-specific and your music could be aligned with those of a different genre. These playlists are often featured as the result of high-end music adverts directing users to ‘try something new’. For genre aligned playlists, these are the silver packages and higher.

Basic Spotify Plan


Perfect for testing our service or for new artists trying to gain traction on Spotify
Non-Genre Specific
2 – 6 Spotify Playlist Positions 
24k – 70k Audience reach
Approx 5,000 streams

Medium Spotify Plan


If you need to boost a new release this is the perfect plan
Non-Genre Specific
4 – 8 Spotify playlist positions
65k – 150K Audience reach
Approximately 10K song streams

Bronze Spotify Plan


Perfect for new artists with a wider budget.
Genre-specific playlists
7 -11 Spotify playlist positions
120K – 150k Audience reach
Approximately 15K song streams

Silver Spotify Plan


Perfect for new artists trying to be featured on official playlists on Spotify.
Genre-specific playlists
10 – 15 Spotify playlist positions
250K-300k Audience reach
Approximately 25K Song streams

Gold Spotify Plan


Perfect for artist with bigger projects with bigger budgets.
Genre-specific playlists
20- 25 Spotify playlist positions
400K-750K Audience reach
Approximately 60K Song streams

Advanced Spotify Plan


Pro campaign for labels or backed independent artists
Genre-specific playlists
44 – 52 Spotify playlist positions
1M – 1.5M Audience reach
Approximately 175k+ Song streams

Interested in a Spotify Plugging package? Complete an enquiry form and once approved, you could be on playlists within a week’s time!