At the end of your campaign, you will receive a full report of your campaign performance, and reviews from each curator that listened to your song, unfortunately, we don’t provide reviews for those who refused to add your track to their playlists.

Check your Spotify for Artists account and check the number of streams and your recently added playlists. As the campaign progresses, you’ll see a higher amount of streams and playlists.

To begin with, we ask all artists to complete this form, and from here we’ll have all the relevant information we require to start a campaign. If the track isn’t released yet, then we can also advise you on when we’ll need to talk further. If your track is already live, then we’ll review your application and track, and if it’s accepted, we’ll be in touch within 5 – 7 days of receiving your form. From here, we’ll confirm exactly how much the campaign will cost, and how many relevant playlists you’ll be pitched to.

During your two-week campaign, curators will review your song, and if they like it, they will add it to their playlist. When this happens, we’ll send you an email with a link to that playlist. It’s also worth keeping an eye on your Spotify for Artists profile, to watch the progress of your streams and playlist features.

Campaigns run for two weeks, but curators will often keep your song on their playlists for weeks – or months – afterwards, at no extra cost.

Here are some of the top factors that will influence how many streams a campaign will generate:

Factors you (the artist) control:

  • The number of genres and playlists targeted
  • The strength/quality of the song
  • Selecting genres that align well with your song, we’ve provided two options to help, if you need more, just ask.

Once your song is added to a playlist, the number of streams will be influenced by the playlist curator and the activity of their listeners.

Factors controlled by the curators and their listeners:

  • Which position you are placed on their playlist
  • The duration that your song is kept on their playlist
  • The activity level of their playlist followers

Why the number of playlist followers will not be equal to the same number of streams you receive:

It’s unrealistic to expect 50,000 listeners from a playlist with 50,000 followers. Please bear in mind that on average playlists have an active listeners ratio of around 10%.

For example, If you’re added to a playlist with 50,000 followers, and its followers are 10% active, this playlist will have around 5,000 active listeners per month.

An average campaign typically costs around £500, but this can be lowered if you decide to target a smaller number of playlists. Once your track is approved, we’ll offer several price options, each based on the number of playlists that you wish to be pitched to.

Yes. We work with over 500 independent Spotify playlist curators with a total audience of over 14,000,000. It’s simple, if they like your track, they’ll add it to their playlist and they get paid by us for doing so. We don’t condone the act of paid streaming or using bots, they’re illegal and your music will be removed by Spotify if you use them.

Request a refund up to 48 Hours prior to your start date.

If you have paid for your campaign, but it has not launched yet, you can request a refund up to 48 hours before your campaign start date.

1) Email with Subject Line: “REFUND REQUEST – ENTER ARTIST NAME” and include the following:

  • Artist Name and Song Name
  • Payment Method (dedit card or Paypal)

2) We will respond within one business day to confirm your refund.


Refunds cannot be issued once a campaign has launched.

Refunds cannot be issued at this point because your song is sent out to curators for review on your campaign start date. Once it is sent, we are required to payout each curator that reviews and this process cannot be reversed.

Similarly, once your campaign has launched, you cannot change your song. Changing the song would require sending out a new campaign.

Please note, if your campaign is still running, please wait for the campaign to finish before judging its overall performance. Curators can add your songs to their playlists until the final day of your campaign, so you won’t see the final results until then

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